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HPV Diseases
in Thai Men

About 67% of young Thai men have had sex by the age of 17, and more than half reported engaging in unprotected sex.1

Without safe sex practices, the risk of getting HPV and its related diseases increases with each new sexual partner a man may have throughout his lifetime.2

Consequently, the incidence of HPV-related cancers in Thai men, such as oral and throat cancers, has been steadily rising over the past decade.3
At the same time, over 88% of genital warts cases have been attributed to HPV.4  

A study conducted in Thailand also found that HPV infection rate is highest among men who have sex with men, with anal HPV infection affecting 85% of HIV-positive men and 58.5% of HIV-negative men. Another study reported that almost 50% of Thai men had been exposed to HPV by the age of 21.6

No matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity may be, all sexually active men are at risk of HPV.7 Taking action to get protected can help reduce the impact of HPV infections in Thailand.

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