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HPV and
Cervical Cancer in Thailand

In Thailand, cervical cancer affects more women than you might think.

• It is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in women aged 15-44 in Thailand1
1 Thai woman loses her life to cervical cancer every 2 hours1
25 Thai women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day1
• About 31.4 million of the Thai population are at risk of cervical cancer1

Who is at risk?

Around 34% of young Thai women have had sexual intercourse before they are 17 years old, with some reporting first sexual intercourse as early as 12-13 years old. More than half of them also reported having unprotected sex.2

Such unsafe sexual practices not only put Thai women at risk of HPV infections and cervical cancer, but their risk also heightens with each new partner they acquire throughout their lifetime.4

Although all sexually active women are at risk,
these factors can increase the chance of developing cervical cancer3:

immune system

Having sexual intercourse
before the age of 18

Having many
sexual partners

History of sexually
transmitted infections

like HIV and chlamydia

Long-term use
of oral contraceptives

Having three or more
full-term pregnancies


Whether or not you are sexually active, understanding your risk factors can benefit your decision to get protected today.

Are you at risk of HPV?