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HPV Prevention Measurement

How do HPV vaccines work?

HPV vaccines are designed to prevent HPV infections.1 This means that getting the vaccine will not treat an active HPV infection, help the body to clear HPV infections, or treat HPV-related diseases.2

HPV vaccines contain particles that mimic the most common types of the virus.1 These particles are not live viruses and cannot cause infection, but they can prompt the immune system to respond as if they were the actual viruses.1 This helps the immune system to build antibodies.

So far, more than 270 million doses of HPV vaccines have been administered in 74 countries, and the vaccines have been shown to be well tolerated.1

What are the available HPV vaccines?  

There are currently 3 types of HPV vaccines available: bivalent, quadrivalent, and 9-valent.1 All 3 HPV vaccines are effective in protecting against the HPV types they cover, even for people with prior HPV infections.1,2

How many doses needed?

Children who receive their first dose of HPV vaccine before 15 years old will only require 2 doses. The second dose should be given 6–12 months after the first dose.7

Individuals starting their first dose at or after 15 years old will require 3 doses. The second dose should be given 1–2 months after the first dose, and the third dose should be given 6 months after the first dose.7

Speak to your doctor about HPV vaccination.

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